Smart projector turns any surface into screen

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(8 Jan 2020) LEAD IN: An Ukrainian company is showing a smart projector and stylus, they say can turn any surface into a whiteboard screen. The gadget is on show at the CES technology show in Las Vegas. STORY-LINE: This is the Camtouch pen, a new stylus from a Ukrainian company with the same name. It comes with a smart projector that projects the movements of the stylus onto any surface as writing or drawing. It can be used on walls, windows, ceilings and roads. “Camtouch is a handheld device that can turn any surface into an interactive type screen. It has sensor, a camera and a solid stylus. Our customers call it a magic wand because it turns any surface interactive.” says Anastasiia Liubiashcheva, Camtouch marketing manager. The idea is to save teachers and professionals from bringing an interactive whiteboard to classes and meetings. The Camtouch system can quickly be set up and used. It is being shown internationally for the first time at the CES technology show in Las Vegas and it is available for worldwide shipping for 349 dollars. “So, our main target audience is educational institutions. As well as internal studying in any enterprises and big companies,” says Liubiashcheva. CES, formerly known as the Consumer Electronics Show, started on Sunday 5 January in Las Vegas, with two days of media previews. The show floor is now open to a wider audience until Friday. More than 170,000 people are expected to attend the annual show, which is being held across a sprawling set of hotels and convention centres.

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